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Publicada: 31/01/2023

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Do you want to be part of a leading consultancy in offering solutions and services for global sustainability? If, like us, you also believe that sustainability is the key to caring for our planet, Anthesis Lavola is your company! Join our team of experts and work to make it a reality! You will join the Corporate Transactions and Services solution and your role will focus on conducting merge and acquisitions environmental, health and safety assessments, as well as corporate environmental, social and governance evaluations, with the support of a multidisciplinary team. The projects and clients will cover multiple industries, from companies listed on the IBEX35 to boutique brands, which require commitment from customers and their suppliers around the world. We want you to know that … At Anthesis Lavola we value diversity in all its forms and understand it as part of our culture and values. Empowerment and respect for the individuality of each one is for us the spark of innovation and true inclusiveness that strengthens growth and the achievement of team goals. At Anthesis Lavola, the difference is your own talent and the value you share with the team. Why would you delight us? At Anthesis Lavola we firmly believe that each person is a unique talent, which is why we are looking for a proactive person who wants to grow and who is committed to the sustainable transformation of the next decade. The UN is clear, the “decisive decade” awaits us, are you aiming for a sustainable revolution?


Detall de les funcions del lloc de feina

What will you do in your day to day life?  Carrying out environmental assessment projects that assess the possible risks of environmental responsibility and the operational and compliance status of organizations, in particular Environmental, Health and Safety Due Diligence (EHS DD).  Carry out environmental compliance assessments in industrial and commercial facilities and implement corrective monitoring actions to ensure compliance with current European, national and local regulations.  Carry out research related to ongoing projects; collect and analyse data; write reports and technical documents with the available information.  Work on projects to assess the environmental, social and corporate governance and sustainability of companies (ESG) in transactional processes for clients in the financial sector.  Support in the preparation of content for proposals and marketing materials.  Collaborate with sustainability experts and global technical consultants from Anthesis Group, not only to deliver large projects but also to support the development of new service areas and innovative products for our customers.

Requeriments mínims


  • Experiència 3 anys.  experience of at least 3 years in the delivery of environmental assessment projects, either in the company or in a consulting environment.  minimum experience of 6 months in projects in ehs dd and/or esg (consulting).
  • Llicenciatura o enginyeria
  • Títol de grau – ciències ambientals
  • Anglès (parlat c1 – d.funcional, escrit c1 – d.funcional)
  • Espanyol (parlat c1 – d.funcional, escrit c1 – d.funcional)
  • Competències / coneixements:  degree training (or diploma or bachelor’s degree) in: environmental sciences, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, engineering or similar degree. we will also value:  master’s, postgraduate or doctorate in environmental engineering; environmental impact studies and audit; environmental technologies; environmental management or sustainability; architecture and sustainability; environmental risk management and / or analysis systems.  technical knowledge and complementary training in: management system and audits (iso 14001/45001/9001), environmental due diligence, european environmental directives (ippc, seveso, rohs, clp, reach), industrial safety, occupational risk prevention, knowledge of environmental and prl regulations applicable to services, industries and geographic information systems.

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