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Do you want to work in a pioneering company in its sector, with an impact on society and relevant clients at a global level? Are you looking to boost your professional growth, being part of an emerging company? Then Eticas is for you!

At Eticas, we are on a mission to protect people in technology processes and are global leaders in Responsible and Fair AI. Over the last decade, we have developed our cutting-edge methodologies & tools to identify and mitigate bias, promote fairness, and ensure AI & ML algorithms obtain more accurate results. With our flagship Algorithmic Auditing product, we turn ethics into a competitive advantage for our clients. We are the seatbelts of AI.

Eticas is at a crucial point in its history. We have been preparing for years for a time when Responsible AI would be at the top of the global agenda, and we are (finally!) reaching that point. What better a moment than now for Eticas to maximize its potential and expand its reach? It’s for this reason we have decided to expand to the US, to supercharge our impact. We need a winning team to execute this plan and assert ourselves as both global leaders shaping the Responsible AI policy agenda, and pioneers in deploying commercial auditing solutions.

What will your role look like?

You will assist in building the policy strategy and community building efforts of Eticas, to ensure our work, methodology and tools have the desired impact and relevance. You will support the Policy Lead with research and proposal preparations to challenge regulation, influence draft legislation, build dialogue with policy makers. You will assist in efforts to drive coalition groups actions and strategic litigation initiatives. You will contribute to the Community building efforts to ensure Eticas has relevant partnerships with key players driving the global Responsible AI agenda.

You key responsibilities:

  • ●  Policy: Monitor and analyze policy developments and legislative initiatives that impact our mission. Conduct policy related mapping of actors/contacts and spaces, to ensure we are present in the right forums and places. Draft policy briefs, reports and other materials to support our advocacy and outreach efforts.
  • ●  Strategic litigation: Conduct legal research and analysis to support strategic litigation initiatives. Support with close follow-up of our strategic litigation cases, including start-to-end deskwork research for coalition to assess potential for strategic litigation, overseeing relationships with outside counsels, and collaborating and coordinating with coalition members.
  • ●  Community: Build, manage and oversee the list of all Eticas contacts & follow-up with the team to ensure timely updates. Develop and manage relationships with external partners, including community groups, advocacy organizations, and policymakers.
  • ●  Impact: Support with the organization of the International Algorithmic Auditing Conferences and according working groups and policy meetings. Conduct impact evaluations of our policy and strategic litigation initiatives.


Requeriments mínims

Ideally you…

  • ●  Have trained as a lawyer or have a law degree.
  • ●  5+ years of experience in policy, strategic litigation, government relations and community

    engagement roles.

  • ●  Have a strong understanding of social justice issues, are concerned about Privacy, and

    particular interest in AI related policy developments and legislative initiatives.

  • ●  Demonstrated experience managing complex litigation cases, including overseeing

    outside counsel and collaborating with internal teams.

  • ●  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to engage with

    diverse stakeholders and build strong relationships.

  • ●  have strong analytical & reporting-writing skills, with the ability to develop and

    implement strategies that are informed by data and diverse perspectives.

  • ●  Have experience in organizing and participating in community engagement activities.
  • ●  Are fluent in English and Spanish
  • ●  Want to make a difference in the Responsible Technology field and be a crucial part in the

    growth, direction and impact of a mid-sized organization with huge potential

    What does working with Eticas look like?

  • ●  We are pioneers of the sector in the world, so our day-to-day is never a routine. We embrace the challenge of learning everyday how to improve in our roles and how to add value to others!
  • ●  We work as a community, learning together from an emerging organization. You will always count on us! We are diverse in technical and management profiles, whose motivation and knowledge we learn from every day. We really care about what we do, because we want to have an impact on society through our work.
  • ●  We want to positively impact the world. You will work in an organization that wants to generate a global change, in pursuit of justice and responsibility.
  • ●  For this position we are offering a gross-salary of €22-27k annually.
  • ●  We believe in the independence in carrying out our tasks. We pursue our goals and insist

    on high standards.

  • ●  We encourage and embrace diverse backgrounds, because we understand the value of

    diversity to increase our value as a company.

    What will make you succeed with us?

  • ●  A can-do mindset, up for the challenge to build Eticas to the next level
  • ●  Previous experience in similar positions & working remotely.
  • ●  Excellent people & communications skills with high emotional intelligence
  • ●  Ability to establish relationships based on respect, trust and consistency
  • ●  A lifelong learning attitude

Com inscriure's a la formació?

If after everything we have explained, you think you are the best candidate, send an email to careers@eticasconsulting.com with your CV and a motivation letter, explaining why you are interested in working with us and what you can contribute to Eticas and the above role.

Persona de contacte: Eticas consulting